Who We Are


The Annual International College Veg Pledge is organized by Students for Animal Rights (StAR), a coalition of college animal advocacy groups. StAR aims to unite students from all corners of the globe to build a powerful movement to advance animal welfare. We believe that animal exploitation is a source of profound suffering and injustice in the world today that demands our collective action. StAR activities include the Pledge, campaign work, and the Animal Writes blog. We are working to build a stronger StAR network, and we’d love for you to get involved!

Contact STAR organizers Ben Davidow and Samantha Pergadia at staranimals@gmail.com


Total number of pledges: [ 1900 ]
Total number of animals spared from slaughter: [ 33726 ]
Total resulting reduction in carbon dioxide emisions: [ 391249 ]          
Total resulting reduction in livestock manure waste: [ 782765 ]

Methodology of your pledge